Has anyone ever entered a contest and felt themselves going a little crazy? I entered a Facebook contest for my 5 year old yellow lab to be pictured on a scratch off ticket here in Wisconsin. It is all based off votes and after promoting my dog for hours/days I found Bella to be in the top 20!! I thought wow I really have a chance considering the top 5 win & I was so excited to be so close when there are tons of dogs entered. Some suuuuper adorable dogs I might add!!
Then over the weekend I barely got any votes. I think my friends are getting tired of me begging for votes. You can vote once every 24 hours until this Friday. So I've been doing daily reminders. Or maybe they just got busy with the Badger win Saturday & Easter of course.

I went on the Facebook page this morning & saw a girl who was in a "dog business" had talked to customers all the way in Australia and France & now she has 1000 more votes than my girl. Not sure how I could ever compete with that. . Feeling like this contest has turned into a popularity contest with who has the most connections/friends. Anyone have any ideas on how I could promote my Bella more?? I just think how awesome it would be for her to "win the lottery" when I felt I have already won by having her in my life. Uh. Maybe that is good enough & again-I've turned crazy!! I am never doing an online contest again!! Haha.

Here is the link if you're interested: http://a.pgtb.me/jjpLV8/hcPw5?w=33243435&e=88128188.

She's the first dog on page 1. If you get an error just click "follow link" & it should redirect you. Not asking for votes but if you're able that would really help us.

Thanks Everyone.