Help for dog with cabin fever?
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Thread: Help for dog with cabin fever?

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    DefaultHelp for dog with cabin fever?

    I'm looking for ideas on games or activities to keep my 1 yr. old lab from being so bored during this very cold, snowy and icy winter. She needs to run (or at least move around more). Dog parks are closed (we've had several feet of snow on the ground for the past month). Streets & sidewalks are icy (although I walk her as much as I can with ice studs on my boots). I can entertain her in the house for just so long before she gets bored and depressed. She has lots of chew toys and balls. We don't have a fenced-in yard for her to run around in the snow (which she loves) and she is not safe to be off-leash yet. She goes to doggie daycare several times a week so that she can play with other dogs, but I'd love ideas for an indoor obstacle course or unique toys or games that don't involve food.

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    I won't be much help but what I do is have my 5 year old and the dog play. Fetch inside, tag, tug of war, etc. Have my kid do two 10 minute sessions with the dog on those days where can't really get outside for much exercise. Gets bonding time for them, both burn some energy, and I can watch from the kitchen while cooking/cleaning.

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