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    Defaultbehaviour questions.

    I have a 3 year old male Duke Schuyler, Duke has been neuter but he still very dominant. every time we go on a walk he has to mark his territory every step we take. if we go on a car ride he pees on the trees before we leave and he does it again when we come back. is this normal for a neuter male? he is also a grouch and once in a while he will growl at our nieces and nephews. he likes to throw his weight around when he comes to us, i usually push him back and do not pay attention to him but I don't think he gets it because he continues to do it, I will finally get mad and make him sit-down away from us. I am not sure how to make him stop. he is very loving but he is a very needy dog, like 24 seven needy dog. if we sit down he wants to be right there next to you, if we move he will move with you he needs to have his face on your face just about and every time he does that he starts to make a clacking noise with his jaws like if he is just to anxious or over exited.IMG_0015.jpg

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    Neutering doesn't fix everything. Training and socialization is needed here. I would try to find a good BALANCED trainer (not purely positive as is so popular w/ many pet trainers). He needs structure, and needs to learn that he is not in charge.

    I tell my pup owners that their dog should think of walks as a privilege to accompany YOU. It's YOUR walk, not his to pee all over and pull you here and there at his will. He needs to learn a bit of respect... JMO. Anne

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    I don't believe marking means a dog is dominant. Dominance is about "having resources". In fact none of your post makes me thing the dog is at all dominant. For some reason society is big on the whole "dogs are dominant" thing.

    There is no "normal for a neutered male" - really everything you mention is more about training. THe dog has learned that bugging you works so he does it. It's normal for dogs to want to be attached at the hip and follow you but when hey become intrusive that's because YOU have not set boundaries and trained them. ANd have not worked on training them to be "ok" when alone for short periods (even if you are there) - actually something we are covering in my obedience class.

    ANd yes many neutered males mark.

    Growling at kids - I would take this very seriously and find a trainer to assess and help on this NOW before allowing continued interactions between the dogs and the kids. I have no idea what is setting him off, we would needs tons more info on what,S going on leading up tot he growl but really that needs to be assessed in person. Something is going on that the dog doesn't like and it needs to be assessed and corrected (not by "correcting" the dog but depending on the cause it may require positive associations).

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