New lab puppy coming home March 11...
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Thread: New lab puppy coming home March 11...

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    DefaultNew lab puppy coming home March 11...

    Phoebe is getting a little brother on March 11th. (she is fixed)

    She currently gets along with the other dogs, however, they do not have the same interests as her, and do not enjoy the games she thinks are fun to play. The beagles hate her as she is always "watching" them, attempting to get them to play and they are just not interested in her. They seem to enjoy the company of their own kind. Our Boxer is getting older and would much rather relax and if she chooses to play, she always just want to play with people.

    This leaves just poor Phoebe. No one to play with except people. To fix this we decided to get her one of her "own kind" to play with.
    People think we are nuts to add another lab to the mix..

    Any multi lab families out there wish they would have stopped with one? New problems with two?

    We are really excited, for our new son to come home. Is there anything special anyone can think of to make this easiest on everyone?

    I figure I will start early and get extra prepared this time
    Phoebe -Chocolate Lab - DOB 6/22/13

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    My pack has consisted of 2 or 3 Labs [all males] for quite a few years. Currently, a yellow Lab [mix] [7 year old] & a black Lab/Chow [3 years old].

    Last May we lost the old guy to multiple cancers [10 years old, purebred yellow English Lab].
    I'm expecting a new recruit this coming June [Yellow male, English purebred, parents and grandparents are Ch show] [And yes, it has taken me this long to learn to deal with the loss last May].

    The way I introduce a new dog into the pack is to bring the new guy into the established daily routine as quickly as he can understand it. [i.e., mealtimes, nap times, play times, etc.] This usually takes 3 - 5 weeks, AND [very important] they each have their own "Home" [individual -exclusive- crate with a bolstered bed] which is where they eat and rest [& sleep at night].

    Also, each new dog is taught the basics in the first 6 months [come, heel, wait, sit, stay, leave-it, etc., etc.]

    I have found that within a very short period of time [a few weeks] a new dog will integrate with the other dogs, with mutual respect, within a workable hierarchy - BUT they are still dogs and have to be guided and given individual attention and their preferred games [Frisbee, ball, swimming, etc.], and I have to be attentive to their individualities, etc. It has also been very beneficial to socialize a new puppy with other [outside] dogs at a training center [I use Pet Smart classes & South Mt. Canine Center] for the first 6 months. They also all go on a lot of walks, mostly together.

    I don't know if this answers your question, but my dogs seem to enjoy a great life, and are very active and affectionate.

    By the way, I'm retired so I can spend quite a bit of time with them.

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    We have plenty of time to spend as well. I work part time overnights, he works full time days, we have opposite days off.

    You answered the question. I think we should be ok then. In is not like we are not experienced. It is just the horror stories I have been hearing from people about multi-lab homes:P I want to put it to rest !
    Phoebe -Chocolate Lab - DOB 6/22/13

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