Bringing dog outside when its freezing cold
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Thread: Bringing dog outside when its freezing cold

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    DefaultBringing dog outside when its freezing cold

    So this is my 2nd lab. She's a beautiful show-bred lab. She is 5 months old now. Anyways, my last lab was very very fury. He had thick fur, double coat and his fur was wavy and stuck up and he was just very furry! He was also large and we didnt always walk him once he got older. So he would go outside and bark to come back inside. So in the cold cold weather he might have been out for 5 minutes or so. he looked like a furry bear (and he was also a show-bred lab).

    So now I've got this puppy and I obviously keep her on a leash mostly and am outside with her at all times. Do I walk her when its like -10 degrees out but the windchill is more like -30?? Should I just take her in the yard to pee/poop or is a 10 minute walk OK? Do you buy a coat for labs? I always though clothes on dogs was silly. I can see it on little dogs but I dont feel like a larger breed like a lab needs a sweater or coat. This dog still has the double coat (obviously!) but her top coat is much sleeker than my old dogs. She she doesnt look quite so furry. I feel like her fur covered parts are probably OK but I wonder if her paws/pads get freezing? So just wondering what the norm is. Do you go for a short walk or just go out to pee/poop and then go right back inside?

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    A ten minute walk is fine.... just keep moving!

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    Ruby and I go out for an hour wild and free off leash every other day (or else) regardless of the weather and it gets COLD in summit county Colorado. I have to really bundle up and suck it up sometimes but Ruby doesn't seem to care. We're on our second winter now. (The little rascal anyway) :-)
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    Thanks! We went out, she didnt care! My husband said to me "Cubby, dogs live outside in the wild, she'll be fine" and she was...

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