Look like a pure bred lab? and other questions. "Lots of pics"
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Thread: Look like a pure bred lab? and other questions. "Lots of pics"

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    DefaultLook like a pure bred lab? and other questions. "Lots of pics"

    Hello!, Haylee and myself Matt would like to introduce our selves! From eastern Pa, Haylee is my 17 week old yellow lab. Born on 8/16/14. She has been wonderful so far and is my second lab.
    She is very calm by "lab" standards! she was just at the vets 12/16/14 and weighed 29.3 lbs! my guess she will get to 60-65 lbs?? my last lab is 110lbs solid!
    I feed Haylee Purina Pro Plan Focus Large Breed Puppy 2.5-3 cups a day, enough? split out twice a day. I am prob. going to switch to Merrick Grain Free puppy food food all breeds. Would you recommend that? I like the best for my little girl! Well shes supposedly pure breed AKC certified from a local breeder. But the older she gets I'm not so sure. Her ears are not like typical lab ears! well heres some pics and def tell she looks like a pure breed in the early pics! What do y'all think???

    here is my intro link. what do y'all think?

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    Hi and welcome. She's very cute. She's also a dudley, meaning she lacks the black pigmentation that yellow labs should have.

    If she has AKC paperwork, then yes, she's purebred, just not necessarily bred to the lab standard, which is what you're noticing.

    As for the food, I'm no expert, so won't comment there other than to say that if she's doing well on Pro Plan, I probably wouldn't switch. If it ain't broke, don't fix it as far as I'm concerned.

    Glad to hear she's such a sweet calm girl. She looks adorable with her golden retriever friend.

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    Yup AKC papers. I wasn't looking for another yellow, I was indeed looking for a black or chocolate but she picked me out of the litter!
    Umm her stools are somewhat soft yet and do feel it may be the food or possibly some of the daily treats I give her :grin:. I originally started her on Merrick puppy food and thought she didn't like it. She would graze eat pull some out of the bowl, eat a few then move on to the next bite, stools were good. gradually
    Switched her to proplan and just noticed, maybe that's how she just eats. Still does it. So I was debating on going back to Merrick orrr I've also read multiple things on LBP vs regular puppy food. If I should just switch to purina pro plan regular puppy food. Kinda throws a twist in there as well. I am just trying to feed my puppy the best

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    Cute pup!! She looks like a lab, but as Archie said just not to the standard.
    My labs have always done fine on Pro Plan puppy. Imo the large breed food isn't necessary for labs.
    Assuming you've ruled out parasites, sometimes too much food (and treats!) can make soft stools. Otherwise, she might still be adjusting from switching brands. I personally don't like to switch food too often for that reason.

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