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    DefaultCheif's eating schedule

    Chief is almost 4 months old. He seems to be getting hungier every 3 hours. I feed him Purina Pro for puppies. He will stare at me and just bark at me for 10 minutes. I'll say stop it. He's not budging. I let him out to make sure, he wont pee. I give him a small treats, thats not enough. Then I give him another bowl of food. He will shut up. Am I underfeeding him? He weights 30lbs.!! I had him on 3 bowls a day. Sorta 3/4 a cup per bowl. Before this happen, I fed him breakfast at around 530 am, around 11 for lunch and 4 for dinner. Do I need another bowl to his feeding schedule?


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    So, he is getting less than three cups of food a day? I think he is legitimately hungry. 30 lbs for a 4 month old is not that big, most of my puppies are 40 lbs by 4 months old, but I breed conformation/bench style type Labradors, a field bred lab might weigh less at 4 months old. Try 1 cup three times a day and see if that helps, as long as he isn't overweight, remember he needs more food as he grows to develop properly. Male puppies especially burn through calories like crazy, and may need as much as 6-7 cups a day at the height of their growth, just to maintain.

    When you feed (reward) him for barking at you for 10 minutes, you are reinforcing the behavior, and he will continue to ramp it up to get fed, so I would stop that right away. Feed him at regular feeding times, but increase his food a little. Labradors are also notorious for making you think they are hungry all the time, so acting hungry may not mean anything. :-) I would also feed him a little later than 4 pm, so he doesn't go 13.5 hours with out food, you could also give him a couple of treats or a small handful of food when you crate him for the night instead of feeding him later.

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    I actually did a measurement of what I feed him. Its more than one cup. Thanks Shelly. I will feed him more

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