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    DefaultPortable Swimming Pool?

    Hi, I'm very new here so I apologize if this has already been addressed in a previous thread. I'm looking for a portable above-ground pool for my 10-month old lab to swim in. He's never been "swimming" before because we literally live in the desert and all we have available to us is a plastic kiddie pool that's not deep enough to swim in. He absolutely loves that kiddie pool, by the way!

    Because he's a lab, I really want to give him the opportunity to swim, or at least try. Here's the problem: we're a military family and therefore move around and rent houses, so building an in-ground pool isn't an option for the next several years. And our yard isn't the biggest right now and we don't know how much yard space we'll have in the future, so the 20-foot round above ground pools aren't good options, either.

    I've heard other owners say that Intex is a terrible brand, but I have no pool ownership experience. I discovered the Ultimate Dog Pool, which is an 8x8 foot inflatable pool made of PVC material (like in whitewater rafts) that's 18 inches deep. However, Murphy is 24.5 inches at the shoulder, so that's not deep enough. Plus, they're no longer making their pools.

    Does anyone have any ideas of portable above ground pools that would be deep enough for him to swim in but not so large that they'll take up our entire yard?


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    Welcome! First off thanks BIG TIME for your service to our Country!

    Found this site. Also considers therapy for dog (swimming)

    Portable Pools, Portable Lap pools, Warm Water Portable Therapy Pools, Soft-Sided Pools, Portable Swimming Pools, Olympic, In-Ground & Above Ground Pools, Swimming Pool Accessories

    Hope this helps!


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    A couple tips...dogs are really hard on pools. They will eventually destroy a liner...not on purpose but it happens. Also, their fur ALWAYS clogs the filters, after each use, you need to skim the pool and clean the filter or you will need to replace it. Also, you want something with a filter or else the water will just get grungy and gross.

    Another REALLY important thing you need is stairs. There is no way for an 80 pound dog to climb out of a pool and jump down, and you will have one hell of a time trying to lift the dog out.

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