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    I got a call this a.m. from my wife that Max had escaped. He managed to knock a cedar picket off our front fence and somehow got his big ass thru that small gap.
    He has never tried to dig out or escape before today.
    My wife can no longer drive or walk fast so all she could do was stand in the front yard and whistle and call him..this made him run further away.
    I was in a traffic jam in Houston on the way home when the wife called back to say Max was home.
    He came back thru the picket gap and was standing at the patio door, ready to come inside, out of the Houston heat.
    Max has an implanted I.D. gadget but does not wear a collar since I do not want the wear to show when he is in the show ring.
    Today, there will be several new pickets screwed in place on the fence.

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    Amazing what a determined dog will do. So glad Max is back home. Hope your wife has calmed down as that must be so frustrating for her. And scary too to see him take off.


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