Long time no post. (since 2004, I think)
Last april Dash, my 12 YO pal, crossed the rainbow bridge. I was quite devastaded and in my sorrow I just could’nt talk about it with nobody. I still miss him a great deal and and for me, life is so hard w..ithout him... The photo you see in this post is Dash's.
The good news are: this week, a friend of mine gave me a gift – a 3 MO lovely yellow puppy, a chubby furball that made me smile again. I named him CALLUM. He’s a pure breed Labrador – his father being a yellow Lab, and his mother a Chocolate, but as he got his mother’s eyes (honey instead of Black), he’s considered a "recessive° and can’t have his pedigree papers. Who cares?
To whom that don’t know us, let me introduce ourselves – my name is Sergio Benicio Whatley and we live in Petropolis iin the state of Riio de Janeiro – Brazil and I believe we are the only South americans in this chat. As soon as I learn how to post photos, I’ll send some for you, meanwhile beleive me, he’s a beauty.