How to stop dog from chewing on bandage after leg surgery
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Thread: How to stop dog from chewing on bandage after leg surgery

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    DefaultHow to stop dog from chewing on bandage after leg surgery

    Asking this on behalf of my cousin, as she's struggling to find a way to stop her 9 year old Labrador chewing the bandage off after a surgery to remove a lump on the left back paw. She had to return to the vets office twice to put on new bandage(and they charge money everytime!), and there's still a week left until stitches off. But the dog manage to bent her leg forward in a way that she manage to chew the bandage off and made the wound bleed even with the Elizabeth collar on (and it's the largest size available at the vets). She has tried putting socks on the paw, but she can still rip it off, and she tried those bitter spray, but she does not seem to mind.

    My cousin run out of ideas on what she can do, because it's not possible to monitor the dog 24/7 (as suggested by the vet...), as she has to sleep and work. I suggest to her those inflated tube collar, but after she saw the picture, she say the dog should still be able to reach the paw as she doesn't bend her neck, but bend her leg forward instead (like those yoga people lol). I'm not sure if she can reach it as I've never had to use any of these collar on my dog, because even after her spray surgery, my dog does not seem to mind the wound at all, maybe an occasional lick or two, but never chewed on it. However this is not the case in my cousin's lab. So any ideas will be appreciated

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    Get a bite not collar. They look like a neck brace with a velcro strap that goes between the front legs and buckle snaps closed. I've yet to see a dog get one of these off.

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    Comfy Cone?
    Labradorious Omnivorious:


    Meat, Fruit, Vegetables, Bread, Plastic. Paper Products, Pine Cones, Print Servers, Feces, Wood Products, Rubber, Cotton, DVDs.

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    I have never had a problem using a cone - my dog wore one for a long time after he was neutered...if the cone doesn't work - I would think about using a muzzle for times that the dog isn't supervised...the damage the dog can do is not good, and it can easily get infected if the dog is biting it or licking at it.

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