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    Max is now 2-1/2 years old and I still feed him twice daily in a fairly controlled routine. He gets kibble mixed with cooked (boiled) hamburger and thrives on it. Now the problem...
    He travels with his handler to dog shows on weekends. For the first couple days, he refuses to the third day he will finally eat but a reduced amount. After I get him home, it takes a couple days to re-start the routine.
    I supply the SAME kibble that he gets at home, but the added cooked hamburger is missing.
    Any suggestions on how to get him to eat away from home???
    Dog show judges overwhelmingly favor Labs on the chubby side of normal.


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    the beef is not really adding any nutrition, but is a yummy topper. your pup is used to a yummy topper so its not surprising he wont eat just kibble in a stressful situation.

    if the handler can add another type of toper that is easier to travel with that may help. or you need yo stop giving him toppers every meal at home

    i wonder if it is not a stress thing - especially if he takes a few days when he gets home to eat again.

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