puppy food minefield!
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Thread: puppy food minefield!

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    Questionpuppy food minefield!

    It's been a long time since we had a puppy in our house... 16 years to be exact and the foods we thought were the best around back then seem to be the worst ones now.

    We bring our chocolate lab boy home in 3 weeks and he'll be 8 weeks old exactly. The breeder is giving us a bag of dog food to see us through the first week or two and I know changing it will need to be a gradual thing hit my question is what is the best food to see him through to adulthood? I'm in the UK and have seen so many conflicting reviews about the well known brands... pro plan bakers pedigree James well beloved etc. I'm just wondering what you all feed / fed your little ones on? Please help!!

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    Hi there,I have my 4 month old on Purina Plan Pro for Large Breed puppies!!! when he's reach his adult weight. I'll probably have him on grain free dog food.

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    Why not stick with the food the breeder is feeding?

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    Im making a switch to pro plan as the local supply store who told me the brand i was feeding would always be in stock. Last time I went they only had small bags and today they were out completely. Needless to say not only am I switching foods but supplier also.

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    I also feed Purina Pro Plan Focus for Large Breed puppy food. Oliver seems to love it as it only lasts about 2 minutes in his bowl. Lol.

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