Pointer Mix and recessive genes?
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Thread: Pointer Mix and recessive genes?

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    DefaultPointer Mix and recessive genes?

    I've been puzzling over my pooch for a few weeks. I am not sure what is going on with her background.

    To preface, I don't care about her purity and I'm absolutely thrilled about what a wonderful dog she's becoming. My curiosity is merely speculative.

    Her dad was big yellow lab. Her mom was a medium chocolate, both American with no markings. Her brothers are big pure looking chocolates. Her sister is almost pure chocolate but from the one picture I saw of her might have a little white in the foot.

    Lucy here, well, lets look at some pics.P5040850.jpgP5080870.jpg

    At 13 weeks she is 17lbs. Way smaller than any typical lab. Sure she's the runt but the markings are a little different.

    My guess is that she's got a part of English Pointer in her that doesn't show in the parents or siblings. I don't really remember my Mendelian genetics but I think that's possible.

    What do you guys think?

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    Hello and welcome. Very cute pup you have there, congrats.

    That is definitely a super cute, unique lab mix So another daddy must have gotten to mom or one of them was indeed a mix. It is POSSIBLY that there are two dads to the litter so some pups may indeed have the dad you saw and others may have mystery dad 2.

    Enjoy your pup. He'll be fun to watch grow as you don't know for sure how big he'll get or if he'll develop more traits of another breed.

    Hopefully momma was spayed!

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    She's a cutie pie that's for sure.
    It is possible there can be two dads for one litter, unless they watched the mom 100% for the time while she was in heat and didn't let her outside unattended there's always that possibility.
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    She might be small for a typical Lab but not for a pure bred, well bred, bench bred Lab. My boy hit 17 pounds at 14 weeks. He matured nicely to within standard height and weight in working condition. I find most Labs I see around are way, way too big.

    I think I see GSP in your girl but it's hard to tell from those shots. Maybe EP, I'm just more familiar with GSP.

    She's very striking. lovely markings.

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    She's super cute!

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    Since Lab are descendants of St. Johns Waterdogs, what are the odds those markings just popped up from a throwback recessive gene? The markings are pretty darn close. Check it out:

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    OK, the more I compare the more I'm convinced that's exactly what it is which is REALLY cool! That breed is extinct.

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