Abby's first check up.
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Thread: Abby's first check up.

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    DefaultAbby's first check up.

    Well Abby is a "talker", her breeder said her mom is too. She was good but a real squirmer. Good check up. She is 11 weeks old & she weigh 22 pounds. I have to check Molly's records to see what she weighed at thaty age.
    Our vet moved, she was wonderful. We had to see the new partner & she seemed very nice. Gosh I am getting old, she looked younger then my sons. :

    But no one will be like the last vet, she got down on the floor & sat with Molly, We became friends but her husband was transferred & they had to move.
    So we will see. There is the original vet who started the practice & a part time vet who people say is very* nice. All women.

    But after the last experience with our first vet with Shadow....if we don't connect with this vet...we will switch.

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    DefaultRe: Abby's first check up.

    I love a talker. I had an Irish that was a "roo-er". I loved it. Hope this vet is as good as the last. I know what you mean about connecting with a vet. I just love the vet we have now.

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    DefaultRe: Abby's first check up.

    I have a vet that makes home visits. This works best for us because our cat royally freaks when he rides in the car. My vet is wonderful. When she calls we talk for at least 15 minutes. She loves my girls.... and that just makes me feel so good. A person is very lucky if they can find a vet that the connect with.


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