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    Defaulthelp for a fellow dog person

    from an email list i'm on (i hope its ok that i post this):

    Cindy Wheeler, DVM ACVO is in the fight of her life. She has been battling cancer for a few years now and recently had a leg amputated and more tumors removed a month later. Now we are looking to the dog community for financial assistance for a woman who has dedicated her life to purebred dogs along with doing reduced fee eye clinics and participating in research for many hereditary eye problems in dogs. She is hospitalized at the U of Michigan medical center following surgery last week. Being a self employed professional, she does have health insurance, but she pays handsomely for it. She has a large co-pay and out of pocket medical and prescription expenses. As much as she would love to get back to work, that is not possible at this time and may not be in the foreseeable future.

    We have organized a fundraiser. Lots of other avenues are being explored (foundations, universities, dog clubs, etc.), but we decided to do something have an auction on Ebay! 100% of the funds raised, less Ebay listing fees will go directly to Cindy. There is a PayPal account already established for those that prefer to pay that way. Details will follow shortly. NOW...for those that want to do more than just spend money...although that is great, too, you "THINK" you have nothing of value to donate? THINK AGAIN

    How about some of you computer whizzes donating a website design? Ad design?
    Business card design?

    I understand we have some great professional trainers in our midst...umm Jason Givens, perhaps? How about a hunting or fishing trip with Joe DeMarkis? We have seamstresses..towels with matching snoods, perhaps? How about just snoods? You wield a fancy about a photo shoot at a show near you? Certainly, someone on this website is a travel agent or has airline vouchers or a timeshare you can't use but you can donate? Think about your many talents or look around your house, garage or basement for a nice print, breed statue, etc., that you could offer for sale in the auction. Monica La Polt will help you with your listing!

    A bank account in Cindy's name will be set up shortly through her family for cash donations as well. Surely the great minds here have some creative thoughts about who to approach for donations or services. Please share your ideas and help us head in the right direction. Our goal is to relieve some financial pressure so Cindy can focus on her health.

    The site is up and the response is fantastic. We will be posting new items on Sundays. Things aren't limited to English springers, by any means. I just received some lovely Border Collie statues today along with some great books. A Samoyed fancier is donating several items as well. Take the Lead has
    responded to the receipt of the application, but no word yet as to the amount or the decision. All donations of items for the auction can be submitted to Monica La Polt [email protected].

    Please send digital photos of the item if possible, with a description, dimensions, estimated value, weight, etc. Shipping will be handled on your end and you will be notified at the end of the auction where to send the merchandise. Buyer pays the shipping. If you have connections with anyone with products of interest (travel, hotel,restaurant chains, pet/dog supplies) the ideas are unlimited. We have had some breed clubs donate money as well. I will be happy to report how things are going over the next weeks. I'm amazed at the response and the generosity of our community.

    Cindy was a teaching & research professor at MSU. she was responsible, along with others, for the early research in late onset PRA in Labradors, and that early research led to the Optigen gene test we now have.


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    DefaultRe: help for a fellow dog person

    Prayers for her. I looked at the ebay items, it's good to see they are all being bidded on.

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    DefaultRe: help for a fellow dog person

    I will say prayers for her & will look for updates & places to donate.


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