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    UnhappyChewing Problem

    Hello all,

    I have 2 Labs, Mocha is a 12 months old chocolate and Rocky is an 8 months old yellow, and here is the problem I have with Rocky: He will not stop chewing and using his mouth. He is constantly chewing on something, I have gone through a ton of toys and he destroys them within minutes. He has chewed some parts of the sofa (which is garbage now) he chewed his mattress, his blanket, my wife's slippers, my glasses and basically anything he can find he will chew.
    He always has toys ready for him but apparently that's not enough for him. He is a very calm, polite and lovely puppy, but the chewing has to stop since it is getting really hard to deal with.

    Please help
    Thank you

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    This has come up a lot in recent posts, so have a look here in Lab Chat and the Puppy Training sections. The short answer is that you need to be supervising and correcting the second he puts his mouth on something he shouldn't. They need you to tell them what is acceptable to chew and what isn't. Keep in mind that some pups just take longer for this to sink in. If you can't watch him, crate him or leash him and tie him to your waist so that he's never out of sight. Again, you must be prepared to supervise and correct unwanted behaviour. By correct I mean distract and redirect. Also, some Labs just can't have soft toys because they do destroy them (both mine are like that). But there are toys that they can use. Black kings are very durable, as are the Nylabones for heavy chewers. Give those a try and when the pup tries chewing something that is out of bounds, distract him and give him a kong or nylabone to play with. A little peanut butter inside the kong will help keep his attention. Good luck!

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    Crate when not supervised. Rawhides or marrow bones.

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    I wouldn't give rawhides. Those are easily swallowed and can cause obstructions.

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    Rawhides are notorious for causing intestinal blockages in Labs. Same with pigs ears, greenies, and the like.

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    Nylabones, black kongs stuffed with frozen food, peanutbutter or wet food are great ways to keep them occupied, get out the chewing, and keep you sane. I second the crate comment. Also, I never give real bones or any of the ones that you can buy at a pet store to my pup. I had my last pup chew so hard he splintered them. He was lucky enough to pass all the splinters and they did no harm, but I wont touch marrow bones again.
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