Should I keep My lab?
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Thread: Should I keep My lab?

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    UnhappyShould I keep My lab?

    I am sorry to post this ..

    I just feel like im failing as a "parent" here.
    For those of you like, "you obviously didnt do research on the Labrador breed before you got it"..congratulations your right.
    I wanted a dog that I knew would be good with kids which I plan to have in 2-3 years.
    I also wanted a dog that would keep me active.
    I didnt realize what a destructive little thing it would be for 2 years, I have had other dogs (calmer breeds, my dad kept it when I moved to college) and 2 cats that I LOVE i just dont know what to do right now.

    Okay so to start
    I'm in college- and I'm home in the evenings boyfriend is home in the daytime.. and our dog is just terrible!! We take it for walks about a hour a day..and its still not enough.
    Right now, I am in tears because I have to replace a dosimeter ( a device to measure quantity of radiation) this is 50 dollars. I am also in school for this (last year of 3) and it looks really bad to not know how much radiation I got in a month. I am working with cancer patients (MILLIONS of units of radiation ) and this is going to look terrible.
    Other things..
    A few weeks ago I left the couch for 2 minutes to use the restroom and BAM computer pulled to the ground and destroyed..
    My earring fell out of my ear the other day, and he ate it before I could grab it.
    He destroyed my cable cord and my boyfriends computer cord.
    He often stands in front of me and pisses right in front of me (vet says no UTI)
    I probably have spent 700 dollars replacing stuff and I'm in college this isnt okay!!!!!

    I'm sad. I wanted to love this dog... but I am trying to further my life and my house is a disaster...
    Hes destroyed everything I own..
    I mean I can clean and two hours later.. its unclean.
    He likes to rip holes in my scrubs as soon as I come home and he also likes to bite my cats until it withdrawals blood.
    They are NICE CATS... I actually set a room aside and put a baby gate up, but left about 10 inches on the bottom for the cats to get in and the cats now Own the guest bedroom because this dog is so bad.

    My delima is I feel like Im failing. I WANT to love this dog, but its ruining my life. I dont want to get rid of it because, I dont want to give up on him.
    Will he ever be a better dog?

    I don't plan to breed him, would neutering help?
    His a baby I know (5 months) but I just am so ... I don't know what to do..

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    First, at that age, most of that may be teething. Do you crate him when you aren't home or can't supervise? When home, I would try tethering him to you to prevent wandering into the next room and destroying something (because it really does only take seconds). They do outgrow it.
    Second, how consistent are you with correcting him? Whatever method you choose, you and your boyfriend have got to be consistent 100% of the time.
    Third, is he getting enough exercise? Sufficient exercise is hugely important, since tired pups tend to behave better.
    Lastly, if you don't like the dog, he will sense it. If you really can't love him, then do yourself and the dog a favor and place him with someone who will.

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    Here are the things you'll need to do to have a better behaved lab:

    Obedience classes. They will teach you important commands such as LEAVE IT, and help with bonding. Obedience classes with a lab pup are a must!

    Constant supervision. Tether the pup to you when you are home, and never lose sight of it. That way, you can immediately correct any bad behaviour, and avoid destruction.

    Crate the pup when you can't supervise. This will involve doing some serious work to crate train the puppy and make the crate a positive space to be. The puppy should be locked in the crate whenever you cannot supervise.

    More exercise. Walking on leash for an hour is not enough. Puppies need to RUN off leash. You'll have to find a safe, fenced area to let the puppy go run around, play fetch, and get rid of all the sillies DAILY. If you can set up play dates with older, fully vaccinated, friendly dogs, that will also help to tire the pup out.

    If you can't/are unwilling to commit to all these things, then yes, you should consider surrendering the pup to a rescue.

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    It might be a good idea that you rehome this dog.

    This might be a good wake up call for you. A lab puppy is like a child. If you plan on having kids, were you thinking of spending 1 hr. a day playing with them and then hoping they would take care of themselves? A lab puppy needs training, companionship, EXERCISE, EXERCISE, training, and rinse, repeat.

    Neutering doesn't help. Training helps. Put your things away, set up a puppy safe zone, set up a schedule...

    If you think the pup is ruining your life, then you need to rehome him. If you can acknowledge that the problems are your fault and you are prepared to take charge, then there might be hope.

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    Rachell, It is TUFF! I have had these feelings MANY times. Labs can be the most annoying puppies, they can destroy your otherwise relaxed existence, completely change your feelings about having a dog and yearn for the day you do not. Many of us have been in your shoes, others just got "lucky". Not all Labs are built the same, and our sweet little pup would attempt to do exactly what you have described.

    The most important thing you must do is exercise that puppy! Not just a walk, like others have/will say, off-leash full blown running. Dog parks are great for this. I have found with our dog, she loves to chase LARGE bottles and balls. Basketballs, soccer balls, Juice Jugs etc. Something that doesn't fully fit in her mouth and is difficult for her to gain control of. Bottles (Supervised) will send our puppy sliding around the driveway and yard, put a treat in that bottle and she's busy for a half hour dismantling that bottle at a molecular level.

    Second; 100% supervision, 99% is not enough, that 1% will send your laptop to the ground. I would have a leash on your dog when inside the home so you can provide correction easily. If your puppy chews that leash in half, be sure you have another or try and correct that behavior. I found crappy/cheap leashes at Walmart for $3. Chewing a leash can be corrected and less destructive to our world then chewing your iPad.

    Thirdly; YOU CAN DO IT! With supervision, exercise, and training, your destroyer of all things good will become the dog you envisioned when you when out purchasing that little dog bed (Before he destroyed it).

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    Hey, big tip? Step back and take a deep breath it will be ok! It is a stage and it will pass! My girl is now about a year and a half and when I got her I felt exactly the way you did with one difference, I decided it was worth it and I would make it work. Hera is now more well behaved than the silly cats. So a few things that worked for me; I never let her be alone in a room she was to be in my sight or my husbands (she now can rome freely because I know I can trust her), 1 hr is not enough especially if you are only doing one hour try adding in a few exercise breaks (we use a laser pointer and our dog goes nuts so we have her run all over) or play some Frisbee or just play with the dog we wrestle with hera and she loves it, your dog obviously needs something to chew on I buy the $1 rope from target and hera loves chewing on it plus rawhides and toys, but a big one will be train the dog. You must train the dog, do like 20 min a day. Stick with it because the first little bit of having a puppy of your own is hard and stressful but I promise it will be worth it. I cant imagine my life if I decided to give Hera away when I felt the way you do she makes life so much more fun! You can do this and yes it will be good training for you because kids well they take a lot more than puppies
    Hera's Mom

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    Sorry, I'm going to go ahead and agree that you should contact the breeder and give the puppy back. I work at a university and as much as I wanted to have a dog in college, I am so thankful that i waited until I was out of college and settled into a job before i added the extra responsibility of a dog. And even then, some days I questioned why I did it. You lose freedom, you have to take care of the dog no matter what or how tired you are at the end of the day, or what paper you have to write. I am now also back in school getting my doctorate, and have two labs that I need to make sure are exercised and loved properly despite my increased workload. But I made that commitment. Would I do a puppy right now? HELL NO. But two adult dogs are much easier.

    Contact the breeder, give the pup back and revisit the issue when you are settled into a routine after graduation.
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    DefaultThank you

    Don't be sorry for suggesting that.
    I read all the comments and made changes to our routine.. but somethings are going to have to be worked out still.

    Hes still eating everything and making my life miserable sometimes,
    but I DO love him, sometimes i like him too.

    Something I have changed is not exactly the amount of time we spend outside, but the activities..
    I failed to mention I live on 270+ acres of woods (apartment complex)... So I've always had him on leashes..
    Well Theres a good clearing I have never see anyone elses dogs at (but he does like the pit bull downstairs so hed probably be fine either way)
    So I took him out there and instead of walking further just threw a stick..
    The only thing that worried me is hed bring it to me after running around in crazy circles for a while. I wish heda brought it straight to me, but WOW the amount of energy he burned RUNNING FULL BLAST...

    Hes now laying on the ground in front of me sleeping (im sure this will be short lived)

    Yes this is a good wake up call for a child.. I know my house is a bit to messy. I clean it (and by clean it I mean throw everything away) and 3 days later its full of papers from every class.....he has access to a lot and Im making it my goal to make sure this doesnt keep happening.
    Furthermore, the boyfriend isnt doing anything to help this situation at all. Im beginning to doubt hes taking the dog outside at all..
    This and other wake up calls make me thankful for this dog because after 2 years Im learning things about him I wouldnt have otherwise and you would not believe how this week has taught me his family and our relationship..
    I bought this full blooded dog for him, but he doesnt want to take it with him, so I guess Im going to be learning more and more.

    To the user saying they wish theyda waited till they were outta college, I understand.
    I mean before I lived here I felt the same way, like pets would be overwhelming... but I only have a total of 9 months left- so giving up now on him now would be a sad thing for me. I really cant have much of a social life in the field I am in, or I would fail I'm hoping that with ME changing and the dog changing we can become a good buddy system.

    New problem... territorial issues... Im not sure how to establish the chain of command because hes really been acting out.. but Hopefully I can learn to make this better for both of us.

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    It might be a good idea for you to sign up for a beginners obedience class. These classes are just as much for you to learn as the dog. It sounds as though you could use the guidance that a dog trainer could offer, while benefitting from the group setting of the class (socialization with other dogs, distractions, etc.).

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