The COOLEST local pet supply store!
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Thread: The COOLEST local pet supply store!

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    DefaultThe COOLEST local pet supply store!

    My BIL filled DH and I in on a great locally owned pet store... well, its about 25 minutes out of the city.... so not "local" but OH so worth the drive! ;D

    First of all, its in the middle of no where.... Second of all, its located in an old white country church!!! The owners live in the church house beside it. They breed german shepherds I believe...

    Anyhow, this place is jam PACKED with dog, cat, and bird supplies. They had a massive selection of harnesses, collars, leashes... every toy imaginable... plus quality food. The upstairs loft was jam packed with crates, pens, beds... They also had some cool antiques, like an old scale from a veternary and an old leather leash with brass bells....

    We went there to buy CoCo's food, as they are the only vendor around that carries the brand, but we ended up spending $75, and that's AFTER I put away a bunch of stuff!

    We bought her a red kong (she chewed up the end of her puppy kong), and a two-ring tug toy. I picked out a very nice spring collar (pink & orange horizontal stripes! Cute!) and a quality black leather leash... but we are going to wait until our next trip out for her food to get it.

    The owners are a younger couple, in their 30's I would say, and "hippyish"... They were really sweet, calling out "Honey, can you get this&that for so&so?"... "Sure sweetie!"...

    Anyhow, its nice to have a place to go where you enjoy the task of doggie errand running! I'll take pics next time we're there... you'll all be jealous!
    ~Jo & CoCo

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    DefaultRe: The COOLEST local pet supply store!

    Sounds like a neat place.


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