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    DefaultSmart and not so smart

    I like how smart labs are! Smiley figured out very quickly how to walk the stairs (without pulling me down). I just showed him this twice without treats and he is doing that.

    However, he has his goofy brain, too . He hits his head like tousand times, because he stands up when he is lying under the table and whatnot. 2 Days ago he even was rolling on the couch until he fell down. Not to mention when he was running on the beach and fell on his nose.

    I love my smart goofball.
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    HA Webster falls off the couch daily and also hits his head on the coffee table when he is laying under it!
    He is so smart sometimes but sometimes I just have to look at him and shake my head.

    Bet there are a lot of goofballs out there!

    Webster 6/8/2012

    My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am. ~Author Unknown

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    Definite goofball at my house. They are so smart but some of the goofy things they do definitely leave you shaking your head! I love the look of surprise Maxx usually has on his face, he will look around the room like "who did that?". Makes me laugh every time.
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    Same here. I've seen Diesel, half asleep and on his back, roll right off the bed. And, he hits his head on stuff all the time. So did Deacon. It's like I tell people: For a Lab, the head isn't a vital organ.
    My Lab is smarter than your honor student.

    Deacon 12/1/1999-4/2/2012 RIP, bestest boy.
    Diesel 3/29/2010 My little hard charger.

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    Jack falls out of bed quite a lot. One night when he was sleeping on the floor by the bed he somehow wedged himself underneath it in his sleep. When he woke up he whined and carried on (we woke up wondering WTH) before either Husband or I got up he was out from under the bed giving us dirty looks as if we had done it to him.

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    hahah i wish you had taken pics when he was goofing around. priceless!

    my Bella is small and short so she doesnt really have problems like banging her head or rolling off bed or something but the funniest thing she does is growls at herself in the mirror or at the TV

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