Maddox is getting a little brudda!
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Thread: Maddox is getting a little brudda!

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    DefaultMaddox is getting a little brudda!

    We are going to meet River, a three year old chocolate lab, on Monday. If Maddox approves, he will be coming to live with us on Thursday! We really lucked out when we adopted Maddox, he was super well trained and at 5, easy to deal with. I've read that we should definitely crate the new addition - we have a crate and I understand the basics, but will the crate still feel like a safe place vs. a punishment when Maddox will NOT be crated? Any other tips/tricks for making this a seamless as possible transition for both boys?
    Laura & Maddox

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    That is awesome, congrats! Is River in a foster home with a crate being used? If so the transition should be fairly smooth. You can still feed in the crate and play crate games to make it a positive experience. Hopefully you will be able to trust him after a while but if not a dog that is comfortable in a crate should not look at it as punishment. Maxx still goes in his crate all the time but Emma has never been in one. We have even left the house for short periods of time and when we get home he is snoozing away in his crate even though we did not put him in there before leaving. He still sleeps in it almost every night even though the door has not been shut since he was 6 months old.

    I hope everything works out!
    Maxx & Emma Jean
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    Congratulations! hope all works out with your new baby. What Tammy said you can feed him in his crate or throw treats so he knows his crate is a good place. If he hasn't been crate trained you can work with him going in and out making it a game. Leaving him in for short period of time helps too in the beginning.

    We had to just put Bailey in his crate and leave him no previous training, actually we did the same with Sarah and Ginger too didn't have the time to take it slow but they all did well and going in to take naps when the door is open.
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    Yes, there are no hurt feelings amongst dogs when one is crated and one is not. I have 4 dogs here right now and two of them are crated. Not a big deal.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    No tips here...just good wishes that River gets to be Maddox's new little brother. Hope the meeting goes well

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    Awesome news.

    I would wait until you meet him or bring him home to see if he tolerates the crate. Both Erns and Tess hadn't been crate trained. Erns moved banging around and Tess broke out the top. It was taking so long to crate train her as she fretted so much I was going to give up. When she had her TTO I was worried as she had to be crated for 8 weeks.

    Erns crate is his man cave and I wasn't sure he was happy with her having it so bought her a soft one. They share both.

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    Bone Cancer Dogs org.

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