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    Since I do not wear socks sometimes and Smiley is a bit goofy, he steps on my feet very often. His paws are like sand paper. Is this normal? It really hurts each time when he steps on my feet or kicks me in my face and what not

    Second, how do I have to know if I have to trim his nails?
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    Yeah, the pads are supposed to be rough to protect him the the abrasive and sharp surfaces outside. If his nails touch the ground when he stands naturally, it's time to trim. At least that's the logic I've heard in the past. I've never had to trim Jack's as he wears them down good.

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    Yes, it is good for the pads to be rough. When they are puppies their pads are soft, but as they walk around they start to become more rough (similar to a callous). One lady provided me with a nice photo of how the nails should look. I will try to find it for you. It is tricky cutting the nails, because you can cut their quick and that is very painful for them. Perhaps, if your dogs nails need trimming, you can use one of those sanding devices they sell at the pet store, or have a professional do it. My black lab wears his nails down on his own. But the yellow lab's nails need to be trimmed.

    J.R. and June

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