Question about crates in backs of trucks
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Thread: Question about crates in backs of trucks

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    DefaultQuestion about crates in backs of trucks

    The thread about the dog being "towed" in a crate on the back of the car got me thinking, once again, about the aluminum crates that I see in the backs of pickup trucks for hunting dogs. They are not cheap crates, and I know that the people who buy them and hunt with their dogs must care a lot for their dogs, but how in the heck do these things not create little ovens for the dogs in the summer? They're metal for cripes sakes, and even if insulated, sitting in the back of a truck must get pretty darn hot - has anybody had any experience with them - how do they work?

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    Ours always had well placed ventilation meant to keep the crates well aired out. The vents are in areas that allow good airflow when driving. Some even have fan systems built into them as well for when the truck or trailer isn't moving.

    For us, use of a dog trailer or box was pretty much done during hunting seasons, so November/december. We didn't like to hunt when it was hot as the dogs couldn't scent well and tired out too easily, so usually they weren't traveling unless the temps were already cool. But I know many folks use dog boxes and trailers for year round training and trials with no problems.
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    Good question, I have wondered that too. I would think those dogs would be cooking on a hot day. My hubby always put our Lab in the front seat with him. She is a spoiled diva.

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    I agree that the aluminum, multi-dog crates are expensive, but in most cases are designed to provide proper ventilation for hunting dogs. Hunting season starts in September, in Texas and continues thru January so the summer heat becomes less of a problem. Also, in many cases, the dog crates used are light in color and reflect heat well.

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    The people who race greyhounds use huge dog boxes built on truck beds, with several dogs in them. They must have some form of cooling system because they travel all around Florida with those dogs. You can see the vents on them for airflow, but I always wondered what they did to keep them cool when they were not moving.
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    The Ainley/MTCK/Deerskin and equiv. dog boxes used by most HT/FT competitors have several inches of insulation in them, to regulate the temps, most have fans and not uncommonly a/c units as well. Most folks also have a remote thermometer setup so the person in the truck can monitor the temprature of the dogs inside the box.
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