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    DefaultScare of the evening

    Karma is my 2 month old black lab. Tonight hubby comes barreling into the house with a crying pup in his arms. Karma is holding up his front paw and very visibly upset. Close examination turned up nothing like a cut, bite mark, any physical evidence of injury. Further examination showed that he didn't like pressure applied around his toes but he was cuddly and didn't try to bite. He whimpered and wanted some loves. We snuggled for awhile, he then wanted down and I am happy to report that although he is taking it easy, he is putting full weight on the paw. Crisis averted! Keeping a close eye on him for the rest of the evening but it appears he and the beagle were playing too roughly. Kids!

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    Oh me they can scare you from time to time. Glad he seems to be doing ok. He could have been scared too.

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    My poor yellow lab had a scare at about 4 months old. was nearly run over by a coworker. we were on a farm and there were probably about 8 other dogs off leash of various ages from 5months to ~4 years. and they were all playing after a hard days work (for some) and i guess mine grabbed a bone he found and started chewing it under one of the vehicles. well, the owner hopped in and started to drive. well he cried for about 10 minutes and limped for about an hour. but after that he was fine and good to go. no harm done.

    but we were all there. its not like he was unattended. we just didnt have our full attention on him figured he'd be socializing with the other pups/dogs lol. We were definitely more diligent after that though. had eyes on him at all times off leash. Things happen just way to fast.

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    They are such big babies! The slightest little thing, and they can give a performance worthy of an Oscar! You did the right thing, watching and observing. I know how it is, when Sophie was a baby and she acted hurt, my first impulse was to call the vet, the ER or even heck, the National Guard! Usually, and thankfully, most times it is nothing serious. We have had some real scares, though. In Feb she was bit by a spider and we drove her 100 miles to the nearest E-vet. $625 later, and with meds on board and tests run, she came through ok. As you learn your puppy's normal behavior, you will be better able to know when there is a real emergency. We have all had a few and they can sure be scary!

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    Siren was running around the house the other day like a big goof, becuase he had something he wasn't suposed to have, like a shoe or one of my sons toys. So he takes a turn too fast, bumps that big ol' head of his on a bench and cried like a baby. I cuddled him for a few minutes, gave him a biscut and checked it out. Nothing serious, that head is like a rock, but his perfomance was very oscar worthy : )

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