Another diarrhea question....
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Thread: Another diarrhea question....

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    DefaultAnother diarrhea question....

    I picked up some deramaxx from the vet on Saturday to try for Dozer's arthritis. Sure enough, it gave him diarrhea again.

    Should I discontinue using it now, or is it possible that it might just take a few days for his stomach to adjust and the diarrhea will resolve itself?

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    If he was my dog I would stop it.
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    I would call the vet and ask.
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    I found the best cure for diarrhea as well as vomiting is the chicken/rice paste: I put about equal amounts of boiled skinless chicken breast and boiled white rice in a food processor and make a paste. Feed it instead of regular meals for a few days. It's always a good idea to ask the vet.

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    I was able to give Deramaxx to my last dog if I gave her a pepcid first.

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    My vet insists Ernie has Losec or other thing to help his gut when giving NSAIDS.
    I would ask the vet. I think he told me when we took Erns off the Pred and put him on NSAIDS he could get upset tummy at first. I tried for a week and his vomiting didn't stop so we tried another one. It took 3 before Metacm.

    Good thoughts coming. It is so hard seeing them like this.

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