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    I think we have finally solved the problem of our 2 yr old Lab, Luna, smelling kind of like an old gym shoe in the summers when we are at the lake. We got rid of her nylon collar and got a waterproof one, called the no-stink collar. Got it from
    Also, every time we bring her up from the lake from having a swim, we have a solution of water and vinegar (1 cup vinegar to a gallon of water) that we pour over her, especially under her neck, and her armpits, where it stays damp longer. We let that air dry if she is staying outside. When she comes in from her final swim, we do the vinegar rinse, towel her off, remove her collar, and I blow dry the area of her chest and neck (it stays warm and damp here when she curls up to sleep).
    Before we started this routine, we bathed her in castile soap with tea tree oil (you can find it at health food stores).
    These steps were suggested by a vet on, and they make sense to us. The vinegar naturally kills bacteria and fungus, and keeping her warms spots dry makes sense too.
    Hope this helps anyone having this problem!

    p.s. the vinegar smell goes away in a short time (30 min)

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    I'll have to try the vinegar rinse on Bruno. He has very thick fur especially on his rump. I towel dry them as soon as they are done swimming, but that thick part never seems to dry. I also tried Natures Miracle waterless bath which seems to help.

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    Thanks for the advise. My daughters dog always has a funny smell about him and we were trying to figure out what to do about it. He does smell worse when its hot out. Thanks again
    The voices in my head may not be real, but they have some good ideas!

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    I kind of do the same thing, but with a 50/50 mixture of raw/unfiltered apple cider vinegar and distilled water with a few drops of lavender oil. I don't go as far as using a hair dryer, tho- a good toweling off, paying particular attention to his neck and other areas where his fur is thicker, and removing & wiping his collar dry, works great for Caleb.

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