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Thread: Retriever

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    I never had a Lab who had the retrieve drive until Tony. He goes after the tennis ball non stop. As I sit watching TV, he brings me the ball, flips head back to toss it in my lap, I throw it two rooms across, he runs after it and delivers it back to my lap, over and over and over....
    I never taught him this, never rewarded him for it other than another throw. After watching the action for some time, Bruno gets off the sofa and competes for the ball, but he doesn't give it back to me.

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    Jack will happily retrieve for hours on end. I think it's half sweet half annoying when while relaxing all the sudden you have a ball (or other toy) in your lap and big, full of love, hopefull eyes staring at you. Dogs are a lot like small children...all different with their own personalities. I bet yours make you smile every day...and Tony, I bet he gets a full out laugh every day

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    The only dog I ever had who retrieved obsessively was my Dutch Shepherd. My Labs might get a ball 2-3 times, but Lucy was like a machine!
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    Kassa was a great retriever. Erns and Tess will sometimes get it, but never bring it back. At the park I am the one running after the stick or ball hoping each time I throw it they will bring it back.

    Retrieving is a great way to tire them out.

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    Bailey was a retriever when he was a puppy. Sarah has always loved to retrieve. She doesn't do this all the time but she will go out a couple yards lay down and wait for me to not only throw the ball but release her to get the ball. (didn't teach her that part)

    Coleman and especially Tootsie didn't enjoy retrieving unless it was hugs, butt scratches and kisses
    Coleman - CGC blk lab 6/02/97-2/25/08 adopted
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    Dixie doesn't always bring it back. She's happy to just run, run, run. My husband's dog Buddy, was the retriever. He would never stop, you had to stop first. It didn't matter if it was a stick or a ball, or anything, he'd bring it back every time and beg you to throw it again.

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    I had one that was obsessed with retrieving. When not playing we kept his toys on top of the fridge, and he would sit there for hours just staring up. One time the frisbee went over the fence into the overgrown woods behind the property. I forgot about it, but Cheater didn't. A few days later, he escaped out the front door as someone was going through, ran around the outside of the fence to the woods where the frisbee was, and brought it back. It seriously took less than a minute. Talk about marking a spot and remembering it!

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    Rukus is like this too. He's happy to play fetch all. day. long. Even when he's dead tired, he'll still try to get you to throw for him.

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    Bentley LOVES to retrieve. He will fetch anything,anytime anywhere. We LOVE fall and winter because it is endless because I don't have to worry to much of over heating. But if I see he is getting tired but not quitting we stop. Then he protests and thinks im evil,lol.
    ~It doesn't matter how smart the dog is,it matters how smart the owner is.

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    Diesel is the same way with his kongs. For him, it's all about fetching, all the time. I'll get the same thing in the house. He'll run around with the kong in his mouth, then drop it in my lap, and sit there looking at me expectantly..."You gonna throw that?".
    My Lab is smarter than your honor student.

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