my dog never wins
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Thread: my dog never wins

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    Defaultmy dog never wins

    My lab has never ever won a play fight in his life. He gets the tar beaten out of him every time. Feels bad

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    Awwww, my Emma used to let Maxx win, now that he is 2 she kicks his butt and makes him cry every time, she is 7! He always comes back for more though. The other friends they play with don't play intense bitey face the way Maxx and Emma do.
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    Don't feel bad, he's probably having fun anyway. My Bruno always chases down Tony, rolls him on his back and holds him by the throat. He always goes back for more,

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    Jack use to always loose. No matter the size of the other dog. He's 15 months now and for the first time last week he was playing with my neighbors small dog (not sure of the breed, but small) who he's always played with~always lost. All the sudden he took one paw, rolled the little guy over on his back held him down for a 2 count then walked away. He looked so proud. Of course the little guy was at him before he got half way across the yard and the chase me game was on

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    I don't think my kids keep score of wins and losses Bailey was on the ground a lot especially when he was a baby, but he plays well with big and small dogs. He is so sensitive and mellow that shy dogs come out of their shells to play with him The only time I stepped in when my boy was "loosing" was at a dog park in Manassas. A guy had two intact huskies there, they were the park bullies, they wouldn't leave Bailey alone. They kept knocking him down and wouldn't let him up, Bailey was only 4/5 months old at the time. I went over picked my baby up and made sure the huskies didn't bother him again.

    Sarah is always on the bottom when she and Ginger play but I don't think Ginger ever walks away thinking she won, I might have that one wrong with her little tude.
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