What dog poop pick-up bags do you use?
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Thread: What dog poop pick-up bags do you use?

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    DefaultWhat dog poop pick-up bags do you use?

    What pick up bags for dog poop do you use?

    I've just done a quick search on Amazon and a few other places for pick up bags and
    see many that are 5¢ -- or even more -- a piece.

    I suppose that's okay for a dog that potties only once a day or for picking up a number
    of stools at a time in the backyard.

    But Puff has always wanted to potty 3X a day -- roughly 7:30 AM, 1:30 PM, and 9 PM.

    Since she's a small Lab (62 lbs.) and doesn't eat much and goes often, her poops have
    always been small. But I suppose my (these) sandwich bags would also work quite well
    for many younger Lab puppies which have stools with smaller volumes.

    For those who aren't familiar with the poop bag process, you stick your hand in the bag
    and use that bag like a mitten to pick up the stools. When you've got all the pieces in your
    grasp, you then turn the bag inside out to capture them. And then properly dispose of the

    We use sandwich bags (often labeled "fold top" or "pleated" the cheapest non-zip kind) that
    cost less than a penny each. We buy the cheapest grocery store brand rather than the more
    expensive, national "Glad" brand. But the grocery store brands are really very much the same,
    I can't tell them apart. Here's a link to the Glad brand:

    Glad 60771 180-Count Top Fold Sandwich Bag (Case of 12): Amazon.com: Home & Kitchen

    I know some people use the plastic bags that come around newspapers but we'd have to
    subscribe to 3 daily newspapers to get the needed amount so that wouldn't work for us.

    What do you prefer and how much does each bag cost?

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    I get them from the dollar store, there's 8 rolls of about 30-40 each for 2 bucks. They're even scented to mute the smell of feces.

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    joflake is offline Senior Member
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    I use these Bob. I'm sure they are not very cheap, but I don't have to use them at my house or most places. I have the little bone dispenser that clips on her leash and when we're in town I have them with me always. I try to make sure she goes at home first, but there are times when she's gone in public and I have to clean it up. I think I've only had to use about three to four of them.

    Petco Bags on a Roll Refills for Petco Bone Dispenser in Blue - Dog Waste Bags from petco.com

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    I got one of those poop scoopers for around the yard, dump it in a galvinzed (lined) small trash can, and get rid of it all once a week. But my Siren, who is not quite 6 months old yet, is 59 pounds (weighed him yesterday). His poops are bigger than a humans sometimes. I do have the poop bags (from Petco), but I keep those for walks and they can be expensive. My funny dog won't poop or pee unless it's his own yard most of the time so I rarely use them. I have used the plastic grocery bags at times when I didn't have the scooper or the bags on hand. Got to recycle them somehow.

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    Grocery store bags for walks. Scoop into a lined galvanized can for the yard.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    I got a couple of boxes with 200 bags each in for less than 300 kr (Think that's somewhere around 2-3 dollars). They're even scented!
    I usually just run around the yard picking up brown gifts since he prefers to poop there and not on walks. Also got this tiny bag dispenser thingy but so far I haven't had to use it.

    Jökull, I love you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandi_S View Post
    I get them from the dollar store, there's 8 rolls of about 30-40 each for 2 bucks. They're even scented to mute the smell of feces.
    I use these too! Or I get them at Big Lots. My homeowner association also has poop stations around that have poop bags in a dispenser. There are signs on them that say take for now or later! So I will grab those to use when I run out.
    Todd, Yellow Lab, 1/4/13
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    I have the bone dispenser attached to Emma and Maxx's leashes, just in case, for walks and training classes. I don't remember the name of the bags because I haven't bought them since right before Maxx came home, (2 years ago). Mine rarely go outside of our yard to do their business which is cleaned up daily. The package I bought had 8 rolls of assorted colors, I think there are 50 on each roll. I don't think I have used more than 20 out of each dispenser.
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    my kids pick up poo with a garden trowel in the back yard. On walks I use grocery store plastic bags. My kids prefer to take the smaller dollar store diaper disposal bags when they go on walks.

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    Bauer usually poops in the woods on our property, so I don't worry about it. If he goes in the yard, I chuck it into the woods. Our town has "poop stations" in all of the parks, and I keep a couple of those bags tied on his leash for the times he goes elsewhere.
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