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    So, I have a little dog now. He's a Cairn/Lhasa mix (best guess) and I got him out of a Texas kill shelter. He was supposed to be adopted out, but I am really thinking of keeping him now. He is so much fun and fits in quite well with the Labs. I totally get the Labs + little dog thing now.

    Problem - he can get out of my fenced yard so I can only take him out on a leash. I'll attempt to boundry train him - but he is very terrier in behavior and has a lot of prey drive. He's gotten out once under the fence and has tried to dig out as well - - - not sure boundry training will work with him.

    So I was thinking an e-fence inside the physical fence for him. Has anyone used this method to contain a small dog? He is 13# and about 7" at the shoulder.
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    One of the people down the road have a small Beagle with an electric fence, and it seems to work well for them.
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