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    Quote Originally Posted by KathyArch View Post
    Well I love "boring" updates if it means she's doing great ........ I resisted the urge this AM around 8 to start a thread titled "Hey HersheyK's Dad, where is our update" I'm so glad she's doing well. I had to drag my husband over to the computer last night to show him her picture, your siggy pic where she's doing the goofy face. She's so beautiful. Keep up the healing HK
    The goofy face. That would be the one on the left. She loves apples. Any apples. Fresh apples are the best. Fresh apples that just fell off the Haralson apple tree are the best of the best. AND SOUR! And that gets you a sour face. But she keeps going back for more. The best part is she should be off lead about the same time those apples start dropping this year. It well be her reward for being good during the recuperation.
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    Really? That's her apple face, huh? Thank you for sharing that. Like I posted a couple days ago, when I saw the name I loved it, then when I saw that picture. Oh my. She's a heart stealer. When I showed that picture to my husband he smiled so big I thought his face would break. He loved it too. I'm so glad she's doing well. Her apples will be a great reward for being so brave & patient while she heals.

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    I love that goofy apple face too!!

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