Mardi has begun lying to me!
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Thread: Mardi has begun lying to me!

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    DefaultMardi has begun lying to me!

    Mardi makes a very soft "eeooo" when she is crated and NEEDS to get outside. She has also told me this way once when we were in the car. She has gone to enough parks to recognize them and get excited when we arrive. However--it appears she also knows which shopping areas have grassy areas where I have let her out briefly after leaving her in the car while I shop. So today, when we drove up to Wegman's Supermarket, she began to make soft cooing sounds even though she had peed just before we left home. It just wasn't time for her to need to go, but she was telling me she did, indeed, have to go. I drove to the edge of the parking lot and let her out on the grass and waited----. She was having a ball sniffing and pulling hard on the leash but she did not "do" anything. I gave her a few minutes and told her, "Go pee" but she just kept exploring. I finally decided it was a fake request so she could have some time for exploring. I put her back into the car and got my groceries. No accidents inside the crate. When we got home she didn't have to pee so I realized she was faking it just because she knew there was grass and she wanted a walk. Liar!

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    Lol! Maxx likes to tell stories as well when it comes to being outside. Especially when it is raining. I know he just wants to splash in puddles and we usually oblige. I just can't resist that big labby head on my knee and those sad puppy eyes.
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