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    I figured once she felt safe in the pool it would be hard to keep her out and I was right. She runs toward any sprinkler or hose, stands at the water spicket waiting for them to be turned on and just generally LOVES water. This week we have been swimming in our pool every day and she has finally reached full confidence in the pool. At first she jumped in to get a toy or to steal and destroy the kid's pool noodles, but today she jumped in repeatedly just to swim. Every time a kid jumped in, she followed. Yesterday she would run to me first to get a reassuring pat and then jump in, but now she needs nothing and it is so fun to watch her love of water! It was run to the deep end, jump in, swim in a circle, swim to stairs, get out and repeat. So at 4 1/2 months old we have an official swimmer.She even loves being dried off after she's done with her swimming.

    Our other lab (mix) hated water and ran the other direction the second you turned on the hose. She hated the pool so much I think she purposely pooped next to it.

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    Sounds like you've got a natural water dog there!


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    It's a beautiful thing. We thought Jack would NEVER swim. He was 11 months old before he did....now at almost 13 months, it's a full time job to keep him dry. But it truly is a beautiful thing to see.

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