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    DefaultScolded Labs

    I have been enjoying Diedra's post about how different yet the same Labs are. Mine all react differently to scoldings:
    *If I catch Judy countersurfing and sclod her, she just blows me off , casually walks away only to surf at the next opportunity.
    *I have been scolding Tony for jumping on me and biting me (he's getting much better). When he finally gets it that I'm upset with him, he comes to me contritely and sits by me with ears pinned back and out pops Mr. Peepers. (How can you not LOL at that)
    *Sensitive Bruno is always good, but reacts when someone else is scolded. He hides in another room, or behind something, then peeks out to see if I have calmed down yet.
    *Duke (not Lab) is scolded only when I catch him eating poop. When he's caught, he looks up, then slowly comes to me with a slight limp. There is no limp if I call him "come get your cookie" and he comes running.
    *My two girls who are over the bridge, Mitzi and Kasa, both would come wagging tails and lick my face as if to defuse Mom's wrath.
    Do your Labs fit into one of these categories?

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    Got to love that Tony!! Jack will just lay down and give me the oh-so-sad puppy eyes. Hard to resist. They know how to get to us

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    If I shout at the computer, both of mine disappear !

    If I shout out "it's ok now" they both come rushing back in !

    Dylan humps Jasper when we are at the DP but only when I'm not looking ! I shout at him - always have, which is why he waits until I'm not looking. I will run at him and he will skip away as if it's a game which it probably is even though it annoys me !

    Other than that, they are both good boys as I hide all edibles to the best of my ability and if I fail to then it's my fault and I suck it up !

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    Maxx is really a good boy but when scolded he looks at you like you are speaking a foreign language and runs to get a toy which he dances back with. He is so happy and full of wiggles it just makes you laugh!
    Emma is very sensitive and although she is rarely scolded she takes it very personally if it does happen. She will find someone that is not involved in the scolding, sit as close to them as possible and look at you with sad eyes. How can you not melt?
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    Maxx & Emma Jean
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    Quote Originally Posted by mitziandjudysmom View Post
    *Duke (not Lab) is scolded only when I catch him eating poop. When he's caught, he looks up, then slowly comes to me with a slight limp. There is no limp if I call him "come get your cookie" and he comes running.
    HAH! The "limp/no limp" thing cracked me up!

    Seamus and Flynn

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    Jobe would fall apart if scolded. He's still so wary after all these years from previous abuse before we got him.
    Annie (golden) pretty much gives us the finger and stalks off.
    Kodi wrinkles his nose, shows his teeth, pulls his ears back and tries kissing....he's a goober because if you laugh at these antics, then he starts to chatter and butt tuck around....yes, 120 pounds of butt tucking in a little house.

    Mom to Indy 6/12/98 to 11/16/11 (always in my heart), and Jobe 8-14-2000 to 6/24/2013 (Working TDI) English Labs, and Annie our Golden Retriever (TDI), and Kodiak (who will one day hopefully be a TDI dog if he doesn't kill me first).

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    Champ is like Judy. Blows me off, then waits until my back is turned to go right back at it. It's like an uncontrollable addiction with him (especially paper products).

    Buddy is usually very good. If I so much as raise my voice, he runs into his crate - even if it's Champ I'm scolding. If Buddy does do something wrong, one "Buddy! NO!" is all it takes and he doesn't do it again.
    Jackie, Champ, and Buddy

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    Diesel is a sensitive soul, and a good boy so he doesn't get into trouble all that often. But when he does, what goes down depends on timing of the bust.

    If I come home and he greets me at the door before I see what he's done, he has such a heavy conscience that he rats himself out. He greets me head hanging, whites of his eyes when he looks up at me, takes a glance back into the room where he came from, sits and does the tip of the tail wag & ears back expecting "the voice of doom" before I even know what I have to yell about!

    If caught in the act, he won't look at me. I call him over and he starts to come, stops to look down & lifts his head slightly trying not to make eye contact, whites of the eyes again, finally makes it over to me and sits with the tip of the tail wag & ears back.

    Doesn't matter what he does wrong, as soon as he does the tip of the tail wag I melt like butter in the sun!

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    Dio is like Judy too. He'll be caught red handed (faced?) and walk away, not contrite at all. He usually comes galloping back with a toy, ready to play. Haha! The only time that he shows "remorse" is when he's eaten poo. I don't even have to say anything, he comes in, lays on his bed and faces the wall. He will look back periodically with sad eyes waiting for me to call him over and cuddle. Away from his mouth though.

    Kaity... is super sensitive. If anyone raises their voice, in excitement or anger, she cowers. If she does something naughty, no need to raise your voice. Just sound sad and disappointed, say something like "Kaity, how COULD you?" and point to the offense. She roles on her back, tail wagging. It's so hard to stay mad at her. If Dio is getting in trouble, she slinks up to us and wraps herself around our legs.

    It's funny, if Dio is sent to his bed, Kaity will immediately go too. We usually call her and cuddle her since she is not the offender.
    Dio (Best Bud since July 18th, 2009)
    Kaity (Sweetheart since April 29th, 2012)

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    These made me laugh.

    Ernie takes no notice. If he is counter surfing and I yell Tess hides, and he carries on until I throw a slipper at him. The he goes and gets it brings it back and goes back to the counter.

    Tess doesn't shake as much as she did when I first got her if anyone raised their voice. She is a sneaky thing and been a good pupil with Ernie. I rarely catch her doing things, but if I suspect it is her and scold her she licks me and looks with loving eyes..."Wasn't me. I love you so much I wouldn't do anything."

    Kassa 25/11/01 - 09/02/05 O.S Jaw cancer forever in my heart.
    Ernie 25/11/01 adopted May 05
    Sam 11? adopted Nov 06 - 18/12/07 Lyphoma
    Tessa. Rescued June 2011.
    Bone Cancer Dogs org.

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