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    Hey, I'm Patrick this is my puppy "Cookie". Female black labrador. As a first time dog owner, I'm kinda worried about if she looks healthy. She is 27 lbs at 5 months. The vet I bring her to pulls the normal doctor routine. "Hi, how are you"... "Have a nice day, make sure you slide your credit card at the front desk".

    So how does she look to you guys ? Cookie is incredibly intelligent and was potty trained (didn't use a crate, just yelling and treats) at 9 weeks old. No accidents since then. I'll have to post a video of her when I get her to lay down. She is dramatic about it. She plops down as fast as she can on the carpet and then barks once.
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    Forgot to add, I'm asking about the height/weight ratio. To see if she looks underweight or not

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    She looks fine to me. Can't see the ribs and isn't rollie polie.
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