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    After applying Frontline Plus, the directions say keep the dog dry for 24 hours. My vet says he should stay dry for 48 hours. We put it on Jack last night around 9PM with the idea that we'd keep a very close eye on him today. Ball in field only. No pond. My husband did very well on his watch. Right after dinner, hubby got in the shower and I was cleaning up the kitchen. Jack says he needs to go out and relieve himself. I watch him out the window for a while, he pees then lays down under a tree. OK. That's fine. I just have to clean the sink and I'll be done and can go out with him. I had my back turned.....oh, 3 minutes. When I walked out the door, he was just getting back out of the pond. Soaked. So it was just over 21 hours of being dry. Thoughts on this? Guess I can call the vet in the AM....just wondering if this has happened to anyone else. Can't reapply that's too much on him. Just don't know if it's going to not work now?

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    I use Frontline Plus too. I try to keep them out of the water 24 hours before I apply it & 48 hours after. I forgot once & they went in a lake the next day. Just check for ticks every day. Jack should be fine. You wouldn't want to put it on again anyway. Because we train & run hunt tests, they are in the woods a lot. We test for heartworm & Lyme every six months. Kate had Lyme last year, she was treated for 30 days with doxycycline & she is fine. Abby always tested negative.

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