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    I've found the social dynamic in my house has changed quite a bit with the addition of this foster dog. He is around a year old, recently neutered (so still has some testosterone in his system) and a really active agile dog.

    Mine are 4 and 7 and used to their own routine and play style. Blaise and Diesel get walked and typically have a couple of bitey face rounds daily - but nothing wild or crazy.

    We now have wild and crazy. Denver, the foster, plays with Diesel in a manner worthy of WWF. He weighs about 25# less than Diesel but is the same height. The 2 of them rear up and use their front legs to take each other down. Denver is on Dee's back quite a bit and I would have thought that this would upset Diesel -but he seems to be OK with it and enjoying the roughhousing. There is no humping, no hard biting, no growling even. They are extremely well matched and neither is bullying the other. Hmm..

    And - poor mellow Blaise stands off to the side barking at them when they play rough. He has taken on the role of fun police and they completely ignore him. He does not want to play bitey face with the foster and when Denver tries to initiate play with him, Blaise will fall to the floor prone until Denver walks away. Like a possum.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    i think we need new pics of blaze and diesel.. and throw some denver pics in to

    glad denver and diesel are getting along!



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