Four year old lab sentenced to death for mouthing child
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Thread: Four year old lab sentenced to death for mouthing child

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    DefaultFour year old lab sentenced to death for mouthing child

    This has been going around Facebook for a week, not sure how legit it really is but was wondering if anyone here heard about this. Below is the info on a facebook page called Save Phineas. According to the owners, the dog was kept in a dark basement cage where the dog was not walked or fed, the dog was finally moved to a shelter after a city worker contacted the family and told them about the conditions but not until he had developed sores on his legs from lying in his own urine for prolonged amounts of time. This happened in the city of Salem, MO and the city council wants to put the dog to sleep even though the dog never broke any skin and has no other incidents of biting.

    Phineas, a lovable family lab is sentenced to die because he mouthed a neighbors child when she fell on top of the child he lives with and loves. No skin was broken. The Lexus Project has been brought on
    to this case. Http://
    From owner of Phineas: "Our dog was on a tie out in our back yard when a neighbor's child entered the yard. She fell and in so doing, knocked down our
    daughter. Our dog went to the defense of our daughter and with
    open mouth, grabbed the side of the child, possibly to pull her off, but not in a vicious manner. The mouthing bruised the child but did not even break the skin. I saw it as soon as it happened. A mandated call by the hospital was filed with the city, our dog was confiscated on June 22, 2012 and has been held now for more than nine months."

    April 18, 2013

    From the Lexus Project

    the fight to overturn the judgement is far more involved and time consuming than had we been involved from the beginning.

    That said, our first efforts after making sure the dog is safe will be an attempt to settle instead of litigating which can cost thousands and keep Phineas locked away indefinitely while it makes it's way through the court. We can almost guarantee that if any settlement is possible, it will require Phineas to leave the state.

    The owner of Phineas feel that it would not be in Phineas' best interest to being him back to the town he lives in. Their have been actual,death threats regarding Phineas. Originally they had hoped to move him to a large farm out of town, however they have realized that the best place for Phineas is out of the state of MO.

    Affiliation The Lexus Project
    Contact Info
    Website The Lexus Project
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    I was looking at that yesterday. Something about it does not make sense to me. If it was not a bite and there was no injury - what was the basis for removing the dog? I think that there is more to it.

    And - an adult dog who mouths children has not been adequately trained and should not be in the vicinity of little kids - period.
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