protecting Misty from herself
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Thread: protecting Misty from herself

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    Defaultprotecting Misty from herself

    We were in and out of the pool area last evening, cleaning ,checking chems etc so one gate was open. Solar cover was on the pool. Misty was playing fetch in the yard and the ball rolled thru the fence and onto pool cover. I knew what was going to happen even before it stopped rolling so I started running toward the pool yelling "no Misty, stay!" of course it didn't work cause she was fixated on the ball.

    She was thru the gate and jumping into the pool before I got thru the side gate. The thin cover would not support her and she was trying to swim in the deep end with the cover bunching up under her legs. Thank goodness it didn't cover her head so she panicked. I was able to grab her collar and haul her out, she helped pull up with her front legs. Very scary.

    She is definately not our Max who was very careful around the pool and didn't like the look of the solar cover. Misty doesn't pay attention to anything if there is a tennis ball around. We will have to keep gate closed when she is in the yard unless we are in the pool swimming and she wants to come in. Good thing she is so darn sweet she makes up for being a bit dense!

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    Just when she was getting comfortable in the yard, too. I bet you and her were both scared. Poor girl. Glad it turned out OK.

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    Yikes, that could have been much worse! Maxx is the same way with balls, he sees nothing and hears even less.
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