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    DefaultNeed some advice please!

    We picked up our Rottweiler/ Lab female mix from a pet rescue place back in Dec. 2012 when she was 4 months old. She is 9 months old now, big and weighs in just under 60 lbs. She is very loving, does not growl or bite at us or our 9 year old Bichon. We give her love, attention and good healthy food. Here are the problems we are experiencing:

    She cannot be left unsupervised in the yard cause she will destroy the lawn, plants, planting beds etc. She has damaged some of our patio furniture by chewing some of the wicker at the corners. I've tried using natural products to stop this behavior but it doesn't work. Stuff like cayenne pepper she licks! She will dig, dig, and dig. I have spent good money on plants and she almost uprooted a 7 ft. golden bamboo bush! She keeps grabbing mulch pices to chew on. This really doen't wother me but I'm concerned that she can hurt herself with a small piece of wood in her mouth, gums etc.

    She is crate trained, but the other day while she was loose in the house she walked into her crate and peed on her cushion which I quickly cleaned and washed. Then she has developed the nasty habit of chewing thru the cushion cover to get to the stuffing, destroying it. We got her another cushion for her crate the other day and last night she tore it open. She has partially destroyed the plastic crate liner by chewing on the corners. She has several big and expensive chewing toys to keep her busy but yet she adopted this unruly behavior. She knows when to go outsidy to potty but we've had about 3 accidents in the house the last 2 months which I think is acceptable.

    She is extremely hyper and plays too rough with our Bichon. By too rough I mean running over her and just being clumsy but never aggressive. When she turned 5 months old, I took ker to puppy obedince class and that was a handfull trying to keep her still. I noticed the other dogs in the class were behaved for the most part, but my dog would rarely sit still.

    For example, last night i took her out to pee at 11:30 pm, then put her in her crate to sleep. She woke me up at 3:45 am to pee. Usually she sleeps thru the night and once in a while she will do this but seems to be getting more frequent.

    Like I said, she is loving and a sweetie but it's gotten to the point that the wife and I are considering taking her back to the adoption place as a last resort. I don't want to do this but i feel that she's the kind of pet that will do great around active kids, not older folks like us two. I've had dogs for the last 40 years and can't recall having all these issues with my past pets. I'm open to any of your suggestions.
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    She's still a puppy. My Finn is 18 months old, came home from an emergency run to the horsey vet to find my lounge chair arm destuffed. Yup, I should have put him away, was in a hurry. My bad. Some dogs can't have stuffie things in their crate. She may be one of them. Finn just has a blanket.

    She also sounds like she needs more exercise. Bored dog=destructive dog.

    And the peeing thing- she may have a UTI. Might be a good idea to go see your vet.
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    agree with the above. she is still very much a puppy (puppy brain in big body).

    how much exericise and training does she get daily? A tired dog is a good that. at that age they can need over an hour a day of free play. But even then, they are puppy's/teenagers and it is normal for htem to need supervision or they will keep themselves busy when left alone. So crate when you cannto supervise (don't leave her loose in teh yard unattented) and no bedding in crate until she stops chewing them.

    agree with checking for a UTi. Also make sure she actually pees when she goes outside (and not getting distracted and forgetting to do a real, full, pee)
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    I keep forgetting about the puppy in the BIG body thing! I don't think its a UTI thing since I had her checked twice about 3-4 months ago. She slept the whole night from 11:30 pm to 7 am this morning without a peep. It must have been all the freesby catching she did yesterday. Thanks for the input.

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