I have a whiner!
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Thread: I have a whiner!

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    DefaultI have a whiner!

    My 6 mo. old female black lab was just spayed on Friday - we can't let her outside to run around since she's supposed to be kept fairly quiet. She is whining constantly - she is free to roam around most of the house and is pretty well housetrained. She will stand at the door and whine to go out or stand in the middle of the room and whine.

    Any ideas? We know she is frustrated with her "conehead" and wants to play, but it's getting old.


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    give her something to do. work her brain (training, games). stuffed kong, tug a jug, other brain games or feeding tools to make feeding take a long time.
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    Yes I agree. Do some obedience training that wears out their brain.
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    I am really sorry you spayed your girl so young.
    Maxx was neutered a few weeks ago, at 21 months old, and the first 14 hours after picking him up from his surgery he did a good bit of whining and the following day it happened as his pain meds were wearing off for the following 24 hours. Fortunately it stopped after that. I did not have to use a cone, the vet gave me one and said to use it if he started messing with the areas that were stitched. He never bothered the areas. Maybe you could try this? Because of the restricted activity are you still allowing her to take short leashed walks in your yard? Doing so and giving
    some mentally stimulating games should help. These things were helpful with Maxx but again he wasn't a young puppy either.
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    Keep her busy with training and indoor games. Hide and seek tires them out nicely (put her in a stay and hide a favourite toy then release her to find it).

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