When the weather was cold and Haana went 'swimming' she would walk a bit come out and butt tuck. As the weather has become warmer she is staying longer in the water and started swimming. First it was in a straight line along the shoreline, then it was in a circle ever increasing. the butt tucks have slowly given way to a shake, sniff and short trot to the next sniff. Tuesday night she swam further out but still in a circle and was greeted by another dog when she came out so she shook and took off with the other dog in a very long and wide butt tuck Eddie followed but, alas, can't keep up with the young whippersnappers.

Last night, she started swimming out in a straight line................no ducks in sight......... she then wanted me to throw the ball so I tossed it into the water and in she went. Interesting..

Last year a man went into the woods along the side of the pond and 'rescued' 42 tennis balls and toys........ and even though I found the ball she plays with I am leery of throwing it in the pond because she may not go get it and then I am toast when she wants the ball - she took the chick it from me one day and chewed it. A 6yo told me I could fix it with duct tape.............meanwhile Eddie trots along behind me wandering off to check out the interesting and following Haana into the brush but stopping at the first sign of whatever makes him think don't fink so!

Since I mentioned the last butt tuck she did, she hasn't performed so I can't get video! Then she does and I have no camera.....