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    DefaultSite showing silver inbreeding

    Trying to find this for someone... I remember seeing at some point (I think something WigWag posted or drew up) that was a color coded 3-5 gen pedigree showing the original silver dogs and how inbred they were at the very beginning.

    Anyone have any links or know what I'm talking about? It had like bob culo in one color, acer (sp?) culo in another color, and went a few generations to show how much those original dogs were inbred...


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    You don't need that. Just google Silver Labradors, and look at any of the pedigrees. They are ALL in-bred on Culo, Kelloggs, Silvertone, Silver Hills....

    The part I absolutely LOVE is how they claim that the silver is a natural occurrence that happens in chocolate labs, yet there is not one silver lab in a country outside of the US that has a pedigree that doesn't originate from the USA with the same original kennels.

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    Culo and Silvertone being the two worst culprits.

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