Water dish antics!
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Thread: Water dish antics!

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    DefaultWater dish antics!

    Today is a beautiful, warm sunny day and I took Mardi with me and left the house at 10 AM when the cleaning lady arrived. We went shopping in Syracuse and Mardi spent a lot of time crated in the car while I shopped for a suitable muzzle for her so she can't keep gulping down non-food items. I didn't hear her do any separation anxiety barking and I let her out for breaks a few times. I carry water and her kibble and today I bought her a nice special treat biscuit. When we got home we walked around the lawn for a while and then went inside. Mardi went to her water bowl and I was amazed to hear her exhaling in long breaths into the water! She was blowing bubbles! Of course, she splashed water all over the kitchen floor--just washed an hour earlier--but she was so funny I didn't care. I started looking today for a kiddie pool for her but didn't find one I trust to hold up against her nails. She is absolutely amazing.

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    Awwwww! Blowing bubbles in the water bowl is a really happy thing! I'm so glad to hear about that! It's just... cute.
    Glad you found a muzzle that may work, but remember, (as someone else posted in your other thread) work on that "leave it" command.

    Sounds like you are both having a ball together.

    Seamus and Flynn

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    I love the bubble blowing antics. Maxx has loved doing this since he was a puppy and it always cracks me up!
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