The boys are making real progress!
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Thread: The boys are making real progress!

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    CoolThe boys are making real progress!

    Starting a new thread to focus on the positive changes I am seeing in the boys

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    Bo is finally starting to settle down, I don't think this poor boy has ever had this much love and attention in his whole life, but he is responding so well to it! S/O's jealousy is subsiding as he gushes about all the positive changes he sees in his dog and constantly thanks me for loving Bo so much as he clearly needed the attention.

    I have started weaning him off the crappy kibble and onto Diesel's. Just started this weekend so it will take some time. Also started him on coconut oil. Bo has some serious skin issues, he chews his feet constantly, has all sorts of red bumps and just icky skin in between his toes I am thinking some kind of like yeast infection or something, hoping not hot spots?? His ears are a mess, but I think the biggest problem with his ears are from over cleaning. S/O would use the medicated ear cleaner on him every 3 days or so for the last number of months (!) He has finally agreed to let me take care of Bo's ears, took some convincing for him to agree that he is making it worse by overcleaning.

    S/O's retractable leash (hate those) finally broke! Haha, now he has to walk Bo on the 6ft nylon leash that I taught him to walk on where he does not pull. S/O sees the change and enjoys it. S/O has stopped yelling at Bo This was huge for me as I never feel it is warranted to use a mean "get the F over here" voice on an animal. Major breakthrough came one day when I called out to S/O in the same tone he uses with Bo. I asked him how he felt, if he wanted to come see me when I called out to him like that. Nope. Asked him how he thinks Bo feels when he does that to him. He started using the upbeat "come on, boy!" happy voice to call Bo and sure enough he comes bounding over to Dad.

    Great thing with Bo, I was worried he would be food aggressive, but he isn't. He will now "wait" for me to give the ok to eat, I can pet him or even put my hand in his dish to take it away, all he does is wiggle his butt and wag his tail. Deez scarfs his down first and noses over to Bo, no growls at all.

    Diesel Dawg! The little guy with the big ass bark... finally had enough of Bo bossing him around and gave him such a what-for on Saturday morning that Bo's ears went back, low tail wag looking at me with shock and Diesel with a "got it" look. Ever since then, unless Bo gets hyper he will not steal D's toys, only bark at him to drop it. Diesel seems to have noticed that his bark got him up a few notches on the ladder so anytime Bo gets too close he barks & looks at me like "hey mom, this is neat, look what I can do!" But ever since Diesel took charge, now Bo for the first time ever according to S/O has started to hump his bed. Everytime Diesel takes a stance, Bo walks off to hump. I am assuming this is something to do with the see-saw of establishing order in the house??

    Diesel seems to be adjusting much better as well. Now that the majority of the house is in order, we're back to some of our usual schedule. The couch is big enough for 2 humans with a dog on either side to snuggle when we settle in to watch TV after supper. He has stopped wandering around the house in the middle of the night and stays on his bed which is on my side of our bed. He is doing AWESOME on the stairs, Bo has learned "wait" so that Diesel gets a chance to get up and down, still takes him a few false starts but his confidence is building. He doesn't cower anymore to Bo, now he stands his ground or goes to grab another toy to play with. Diesel & mama get some alone time to cuddle and I take him to the park and for walks alone, and do the same with Bo.

    Anyways... not bad for a full week! Sorry for the long posts of late, so much going on!!

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    I'm glad to hear things are settling down.
    Debi and Bauer
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    This is excellent progress, Rox. Good work!

    Seamus and Flynn

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    Excellent progress. Good job !

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    Good job Diesel! Sounds like things are calming down.
    Maxx & Emma Jean
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    Takes them a while to decide to give that big boy bark, doesn't it? Amazing how much that helps!

    Glad to hear an upbeat report.

    Continued good wishes.

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    Super update. Glad things are starting to come together for you, and the dogs are more comfortable with each other. Oh yes, and Bo and daddy are getting along better.

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    Good for you for your patience and love. Not only teaching Bo but S/O as well. Even though I personally do not know you, I am very proud of you!

    Isn't it great to have a sister

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    Great update!
    Dio (Best Bud since July 18th, 2009)
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