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    DefaultNeed Ideas for Indoor Pen

    10 more weeks until we get our female lab pup! So no outdoor dog here at all, will be indoors and with her pack at all times. I need some ideas on how to come up with a good pen for when we are away or at night. I have corner of our dining room which is fairly empty and would be the best candidate for this project. The surface is hardwood and would be a big enough area for a crate and more. I will put down some sort of pad over the hardwood in case of accidents and spilled water etc. But what about gates? And what can i do about protecting baseboards? Any ideas or pictures would be greatly appreciated.....

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    how long are you gone for during the day?

    are the pups yet or is the breeder keeping them for 10 weeks?

    The ideal set up is a crate. You can buy a big one and section it off or buy a small crate. during training it should be just big enough for them to get up and turn around. The pup would be good and safe in there (no soft toys, no water) for 3-4 hours. (the rule of thumb is one hour per month of age give or take) But if you work out of the house all day you woudl need to get back home to let them out, or have a friend/family/neighbout/dog walker come to let them out if you are gone longer.

    At night you use the crate. let them out if need be once at first (eventually they won't need to get up at night).

    You want to avoid letting them pee in the house at any time. Because it is very hard for them to understand why it would be ok to pee sometimes, but not others.
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    I am just confused as to why you need more than a crate fir when you are not around. Maybe I am just tired, like! Baseboards are definitely fair game for a young pup, it is not worth the damage let alone the danger. Am I missing something here?

    **Edited to add - a young pup does not need free access to water at bedtime if that was indeed your intention. JMHO.
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    Tanya gave you very good advice. If you cannot be with the puppy, it should be crated. Believe me, they will find things to chew and get into trouble with that you would never imagine!

    Nothing should be in the crate with puppy at first, except a pad or blanket to sleep on. Watch that the pad/blanket does not get chewed!
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    This is what we did and Grover was house trained in 4 days! I'm not kidding. I set my iphone timer for every hour and took him out and recorded the time and what he did (#1,#2)on the window of the door with a dry erase marker. Also if he let me know he wanted to go out (like barking or sitting by the door). I did that for the first couple of weeks even though he was really well housebroken in the first week! He slept in the little crate at night and when I was out of the house.
    The exercise pens can be found on Amazon for about $30-40. Sometimes you have to make dinner, take a shower, just do things where you can't have both eyes on the puppy and that's when the pens come in handy. They seek out, examine and put their mouths on EVERYTHING at the beginning even things you wouldn't think of like metal and cement so having a neutral safe place for them to go is really handy. Also, if he's not liking the crate, then you don't have to worry about rushing the crate-training (As long as you are taking him out every hour, after playing, eating, drinking and sleeping) I spent $30 on a remnant of linoleum to cover the carpet because they want to pee LESS on a hard surface vs. carpet. I also didn't want to confuse the pup with the smells from the fosters and elderly (leaky) lab that I had previously.
    I'm still using 2 ex pens strung together now, at 9 months old. He jumped on the sides when he was really young but doesn't now.
    Caveat: They're not indestructible and can possibly bend and hurt a larger puppy so you have to really supervise them to see how they deal with it. You don't want them trying to climb out or get there paws pinched.

    Good Luck and Have fun!

    Wendy and Grover
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