Sleeping with eyes open.
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Thread: Sleeping with eyes open.

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    DefaultSleeping with eyes open.

    I sit in the recliner for hours every evening either watching TV or reading. If I am in the chair--so is Mardi. She sleeps with her eyes open and it looks weird. Her lids droop and all I see is bloodshot sclera. She also whines, twitches and trembles and looks like she is having a seizure. When she is sleeping more quietly, she snores. I know she isn't seizing because I used to have a dog who had real seizures. I have never had such a clingy dog and it is great for my ego .

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    She's probably dreaming. Jack sometimes moves his legs in his sleep as if running, and often jerks, whines, even a tiny bark. When he was a very young puppy, he sucked in his sleep. He also snores. And yes, they do love to be right next to us~ thus the term "velcro dogs"

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    Buddy dreams a lot in his sleep. Twitches, running feet, snorts, woofs, whimpers, 'growls,' and my favorite - the thumping tail! He will wag his tail hard, thumping against the floor or the wall, and it almost sounds like a drum beat. It's not his normal, fast wag, it is slower, harder, and goes thump! Thump! Thump-THUMP! Thumppp!

    He likes being in the same room with me, and will wake out of a sound sleep to follow me to another room, but he is not a snuggler or cuddler.
    Jackie, Champ, and Buddy

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    Coleman and now Ginger both sleep with their eyes open. They all twitch and make noises when they dream especially Tootsie she gets her whole body moving when she dreams in her sleep. Tucker our cat moans in his sleep
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