Ticks? Lyme vaccine?
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    DefaultTicks? Lyme vaccine?

    Haven't been around the forum in a while, things have been busy with work and of course Kai has us busy every minute we're home Kai is doing great! Here's an updated picture from today... she got to pick out some toys at the pet store and loved it!

    Anyway, I have questions!

    Ticks and lyme are fairly prevalent in my area.. and after Adrian got a tick and the start of a bullseye rash the week before we got Kai, we are pretty cautious about it. (We thought it was too early in the season!)

    Anyway, Kai has already started on frontline plus last week to be safe. She's not completely vaccinated yet, and still young so nothing too crazy.. but we have taken her for some walks on the trails behind a friend's house (few dogs are back there, and we personally know the ones who are). She LOVES it! Anyway, I know with frontline, for it to be effective against ticks you are supposed to use it every two weeks? This seems excessive. Then, I have also heard that advantix is better because apparently some ticks have become resistant to the frontline in certain areas. What do you all use? and I know flea collars aren't usually effective, but what about tick collars? Kai will be getting her last DHPP vaccine on Monday, as well as her lepto.. and was going to talk to the vet about the Lyme vaccine for her visit 3 weeks later. I know not everyone vaccinates against Lyme.. is it fairly effective? What are your thoughts?

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    Every two weeks does seem excessive. I thought the package recommends every month for ticks (less often for fleas). I use Frontline, although I have heard that it has lessened effectiveness in some areas.

    For a pup that small/young, I would even hesitate using anything and just go over her several times a day and pick ticks off. Pups that young and nasty chemicals scare me.

    ETA, Love the shopping cart pict!!
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    I live in the Northeast also (MA) and I found that Frontline did not work AT ALL. We use Advantix for the girls and it works great. We rarely, if ever, find ticks on them and they run the woods every day. Our property is also wooded and lots of deer around...but still no ticks on them. We find ticks on US, but not them..lol
    Both girls also get the Lyme vaccine, but it is not a 100% guarantee against Lyme.

    Java actually tested positive for Lyme when she was 5 months old even though she was vaccinated and on Frontline-we still always found ticks on her. That's when we switched to Advantix.

    So, if you're asking my opinion, dump the Frontline and use Advantix.
    Even our vet has said that Frontline does not seem to be effective in our area and recommends Advantix.

    BTW-Kai looks adorable sitting in the carriage!!!

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    We use frontline plus and apply every month. I agree as little as she is I would comb more for fleas then apply something every two weeks.

    Also we almost lost our Coleman to lyme disease because the vet kept telling me he had been vaccinated for lyme, at least that was what the blood work was showing, so no I don't vaccinate for lyme.

    Kai is so adorable sitting pretty in the shopping cart with her new things
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    Frontline never worked for me. The Advantix does, but I don't like giving the dogs all those chemicals, so I stretch it out to a month and a half or even two months. It works for us. I haven't given Dixie any of it yet, I'm going to wait until I see evidence of ticks. If I don't see any, I'm not giving it to her. They get a Lymes vaccine, so I'll take my chances. I hate those chemicals.

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