Help, my Puppy was Attacked!
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Thread: Help, my Puppy was Attacked!

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    DefaultHelp, my Puppy was Attacked!

    Hi all,

    Just wondering whether or not my baby will be alright. A couple of days ago, I was walking my 14 week old Labrador (Sunny) on her leash near the edge of a park. An owner and his husky were also there a couple of hundred metres away. However, his husky was not on a leash and his dog sprinted towards Sunny and dived on top of her pinning her down. He then began to bite her whilst Sunny made these awful crying noises. I tried to help her but I could not see her underneath the husky as it was quite large. The owner had to tackle his own dog before I could pick Sunny up and calm her. She continued to shake uncontrollable and cry. The husky owner asked us if we were alright and then left hurridly. We weren't able to get his name or any contact details at all. He just ran off. Meanwhile, my parents and my neighbours had heard Sunny's cries for help and had come out. We noticed that she was limping quite bad and that she was bleeding from her upper right shoulder. My dad and I had to rush to the emergency vet and get her fixed up.

    She's doing much better now, but I was just wondering whether or not Sunny will be back to her normal self. She's usually extremely social with other dogs and very energetic. But I have noticed that she seems more hesitant. We have to coax her to go outside and play on the grass. Today, I took her around to a neighbour who owned an extremely friendly Rottweiler and they both interacted well. Will Sunny be alright, or will she always be scared and timid around other dogs and in parks now?

    This is a picture of her when we first got her.

    Hope you guys can help,

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    I'm so glad she is OK. You did the right thing to take her to a big friendly dog to play with. Puppies are pretty resilient and she will likely be just fine. I'd keep going to visit the nice Rottie to help her over her trauma. Other big friendly dogs you know too. One on one is best till she is bigger. Then maybe she could play with more at once with her friend by her side, say in a couple of months. I'd pick a less used time too. I am assuming you went to a dog park? If not then the husky off lease was clearly in violation of leash laws, but I'm assuming you have leash laws.

    Sunny might be a bit off because she's a bit sore still. Keep an eye on her.

    Personally, I'd go back to that park, sans puppy, and look out for that man and his dog and talk to some other people. It's a bad idea to visit an off leash park with a dog on leash when the others are off. Leashes impede and distort body language. But that was pretty extreme and I'll bet other people have had trouble with that husky. Hopefully you reported the indident to authorities right away but I understand if you were too tied up with puppy worries to overlook that.

    Poor little mite. Give her a snuggle from me.

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    she may, she may not.
    you need to up socialisation big time with other dogs. and I would specifically find FRIENDLY huskies (that ressemble the dog that attacked her) as soon as she is ok to do so (physically recovered). you want the socialisation to be with dogs you know are 100% friendly and in CONTROLLED environments (ex: dog park is not ideal - too uncontrollable). The more proactive you are starting now the better. The more you limit her interaction with other dogs the more likely the one really bad incident will take "precedence" over all her good exposures.

    But you need to be careful, you need to do everything you can to ensure her experiences for the next while are positive even if it means being very careful where you walk her and where you bring her.
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    Poor baby girl. I agree with Tanya 100%. I'm so glad she's physically OK.

    Califon, NJ
    Hunterdon County
    "Each is a creature of Earth and is entitled to reside on it with dignity"

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    I would follow the advice you have been given here. HK was attacked by a Husky when she was about two. The fact that the other breed was the same is coincidence. The dog that attacked HK had a history and the dog is not allowed in the parks in the area unless leashed. HK did change post the event. She went from a dog that was always anxious to engage in play, to one that almost always takes a defensive posture. She plays well with small dogs but had issues with dogs of similar or large size. It took a year to work through this reaction. Was it solely the result of the attack? I wish I knew, so just do what you can to put a bad experience behind and create positive experiences going forward.
    Hershey Kisses, In charge of getting Ed out to the dog park so that he gets some exercise.

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    Great advice, please let us know how she's doing. So glad she's OK.

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    *points to her right palm*


    Whatever you do, DO NOT coddle her. Act like nothing happened and hopefully so will she.


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    All good advice above. I especially agree with Laura (Labby), treating her like a poor little baby that has had a traumatic experience will do as much harm, if not more, than the attack. I know it will not be easy but you have to put yourself in a positive mind-set to help her heal psychologicaly. Do all you can to put the unfortunate incident behind you and you will help her immensely. I am so glad she is ok, that is a frightening thing to experience.
    Maxx & Emma Jean
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    Sometimes the hardest part isn't letting go - but learning to start over.

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    Saba was about 4 months old when he was attacked by a doberman puppy (which at the time was larger than Saba). I made sure to socialize him a lot after and he seemed just fine. I'm glad your pup is okay!

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