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    Defaultbentleys vet visit

    After waiting for ever with no one who talked I got called back for him to be weighed. And he weighs a massive 60 lbs lol. Then I was put into the exam room and a very ha St.Bernard was brought in and had been hit by a car. So that was another forty minutes while they got him muzzled and sedated and waited for the big vet to go do something with him. Finally after that my vet came in and did a quick check up and gave him some shots and we were out of there!!!!

    But it was the cheapest vet bill in 2 years of only 30$!!!! Bentley did good and slept the whole time lol. Now we are sitting in a car wash and yup, he is sleeping.I am kicking myself though because I forgot to ask a question about him limping on the paw they had to do surgery on when the nail went through it. It only happens after a long hike/run. But I can ask when I take tank in.
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    Way to go Bentley...$30! Give me that vets name. I pay $42 for just walking in the door.
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    30!! that's incredible, I'm jealous haha

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    $30.00??!! My vet charges $65.00 for just a regular office visit. That does not include any diagnostics, shots, etc. He is worth every penny though, he is an awesome vet and I know I am lucky. Maxx's trip last week for his ear infections, a cleaning, 2 meds and the blood work for his neuter was $200.00! The minimum charge for his neutering in 2 weeks is $260.00. Thank goodness Maxx has insurance!
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